Russia Virgin Fuel D6 (FOB)

Russia Virgin Fuel D6

Quantity: 50,000,000 -800,000,000 gallons
FOB price: gross $0.80 USD / net $0.78 USD
Commission: $0.01/$0.01

Lower Price for Russian Fuel — Click here to download the SCO in PDF

Non-negotiable FOB – freight on board 1 (TTTIA)

1. Upon acceptance of seller’s offer, buyer provide irrevocable corporate purchase order (ICPO), tank storage agreement (TSA), certificate of incorporation/company registration, corporate profile, buyer contact /banking information, copy of principal/signatory’s passport data page.
2. Upon acceptance of buyer ICPO and tank storage agreement, seller approved and send the commercial invoice (ci) for the available quantity in the storage tanks for buyer completion, buyer review ci, sign within 48 hours of receipt and return back.
3. Seller send tank to tank injection agreement (TTTIA) from it’s logistics company, buyer sign/seal alongside with it’s logistics company and return back.
4. Seller sends the endorsed documents alongside with the below listed pop documents to buyer:
three (3) days unconditional immersion test authorization (i.e not more than seventy-two (72 hours) for SGS dip test & report from inspection of seller shore tank.
Q&Q report – ullage report
tank storage receipt
tank injection report
authorization to verify
authority to sell and collect (ATSC)
notarized and endorsed NCNDA/IMFPA by the seller and its bank
certificate of approval
5. Buyer inspect by SGS (dip test in seller tanks) on buyer’s expense. Upon successful completion of the above verification, SGS dip test and buyer approval of the SGS report. Seller issue (authorization to transfer the product from seller tank to buyer tank in accordance with the signed/sealed TTTIA).
6. Upon buyer’s acceptance, seller will immediately inject the product to buyer’s tank and send the injection receipt to buyer in accordance with the signed/sealed TTTIA.
7. The buyer begins product payment via bank transfer of MT103 or TT for the total amount of the product purchase to the designated seller bank/bank account upon completion of product injection and receiving of all shipping documents from seller. Seller pay beneficiary fee as per agreement (NCNDA/IMFPA), upon buyer product payment confirmation.
8. Seller issues draft spa to buyer to review for rolls & extension monthly deliveries.
9. Buyer reviews and approves the spa and issue DLC (irrevocable, non-transferable, auto revolving for 12 monthly value or documentary) or documentary letter of credit (DLC) for length of contract and for each lift per schedule. Buyer pays after dip test by MT103 wire transfer on each monthly quantity.
10. The subsequently delivery shall commence according to the terms and conditions of the contract.

Non-negotiable FOB – freight on board 2

1. Buyer sends ICPO on receipt of soft offer along with tank storage agreement (tsa) proof of storage tank availability.
2. Seller issues commercial invoice/ci, for the available quantity in the storage tank to buyer, buyer signs and returns to seller.
3. Seller issues dip test authorization to buyer, buyer and buyer tank farm sign and return.
4. Seller verifies buyer tank farm and issues pop documents:
product passport.
fresh SGS report.
statement of availability of the product.
export license.
certificate of origin.
tank storage receipts.
refinery commitment to supply
5. Buyer issue TSR and orders SGS to conduct dip test of the product in the seller’s tank at buyer expense.
6. Upon successful dip test, seller injects the fuel into buyer’s leased storage tank and seller submits the full injection report to the buyer.
7. Buyer make 100% payment by mt103 TT wire transfer for the total product and seller pays commission to all seller side intermediaries as buyer likewise pays commissions to all buyer side intermediaries involved in the transaction within 24 hours after confirmation of the buyer’s payment.
8. Buyer lifts the product to buyer’s rented/leased tanks at Rotterdam.

Non-negotiable FOB – freight on board 3

1. Buyer issues ICPO with company registration certificate and company profile with buyer international passport.
2. Seller issues commercial invoice (ci), buyer countersign within 48 hours and returns signed ci with buyer international passport.
3. Seller verifies the buyer’s documentations and issue pop documents;
authorization to verify (ATV)
tank storage receipt (TSR) with GPS barcodes
authorization to sale and collect (ATSC)
4. Buyer contact seller and buyer takes over the tank-farm to issue:-
copy of validated tank storage extension receipt (TSER) in buyer company name,
terminal access pass (tap),
invitation letter to SGS team & other documents to facilitate the conduction of the dip test.
5. Seller issue unconditional Dip Test authorization (UDTA) product at the tank-facility for quality and quantity inspection SGS/Intertek or similar agent for legal Dip Test by the buyer SGS agent.
6. Upon successful buyer physical verification & Dip Test on the product according to the valid documents, buyer take product and pay accordingly by TT transfer within 48-72 hours after successful SGS report, a copy of SGS must be sent to the seller.
7. Seller pays commissions to all mandates within 24 hrs after confirmation of the buyers’ payment of the product by TT transfer as per NCNDA/IMFPA

Non-negotiable FOB – freight on board 4

1. Buyer issues ICPO containing the seller’s working procedures and buyer’s banking details along with buyer’s nominated TSA, company registration certificate and data page of buyer’s passport.
2. Seller issues commercial invoice for the product in tanks at the port, buyer signs and returns commercial invoice along with an acceptance letter.
3. Seller submits a copy of fresh SGS report direct to buyer executed tank farm, in order to verify product & product availability.
4. Upon confirmation of the successful verification of the SGS report by buyer tank farm, buyer’s company provides valid tank storage receipt from its logistics company. Buyer also issues POF/BCL to supplier / seller’s company in orders to schedule the injection of fuel into buyer’s leased tanks.
5. Seller issues following PPOP documents to buyer, buyer conducts dip test on the product or accepts the seller’s SGS for product verification, and makes the payment for the total value of product injected into the tanks through the means of mt103- TT to the seller.
Q&Q report.
injection report.
unconditional dip test authorization letter (DTA).
authorization to sell & collect (ATSC).
fresh updated SGS report (within 48hrs).
authorization to verify physically the product in seller’s tanks (ATV).
6. Buyer pays buyer side intermediaries, and seller pays seller side intermediaries involved in the transaction. Subsequent monthly shipments continue as per terms and conditions of the sales and purchase agreement / contract between the buyer and the seller.