Free Onboard Rotterdam & Houston Port (FOB)


1. Upon acceptance of seller’s Offer, buyer issues Purchase Order (ICPO) and Tank Storage Agreement.
2. Upon acceptance of buyer’s ICPO/TSA, Seller issues Commercial Invoice/ICC Warning Letter for buyer’s review and signing.
3. Buyer signs the commercial invoice and returns to seller, the signed CI/ICC Warning Letter, seller issues the POP Documents as shown below:
Q&Q Report
Ullage Report
Clean–on–board Ocean Bill of Lading/Q88
Export License
Cargo Manifest
4. Upon Buyer confirmation of the above POP on the arrival of loaded vessel, buyer provide below Tank details within 3 days to enable seller commence Injection once the Vessel is moored.
TANK RECEIPT valid for 5days (Minimum)
Notice of Readiness issued by Storage Tank Company
5. Upon vessel arrival at Buyer’s nominated port, Vessel Captain shall Berth the Vessel at the Buyer Tank Terminal for Injection process to take place, and upon completion of Injection into buyer’s Tank, the SGS inspectors’ team will be invited to carry out the DIP TEST Q and Q. * NCNDA/IMFPA is signed by the involved parties.
6. Upon successful Q and Q including Dip Test, BUYER pays for product by Wire Transfer / Swift MT103 into the Seller’s account.
7. Seller releases original POP documents in buyer’s name and Trans-loading commences.
8. Seller Pays commissions to all intermediaries, Both Parties proceed with the signing for a 12 Months FOB Rotterdam/Houston contract upon completion of the first trial order.