TSA — Tank Storage Agreement (FOB)


1. Buyer issues ICPO with Tank Storage Agreement (TSA)
2. Seller issues Commercial Invoice (CI) for the available quantity in the storage tank.
3. Buyer signs and returns the Commercial Invoice with NCNDA/IMFPA signed by all buyer groups with commission structures.
4. Buyer provides Authorization to Verify (ATV) from their Storage Tank Farm to enable seller Logistic Teams verify buyer tank farm, after the verification is completed, seller proceed to issuing the following documents
Unconditional Dip Test Authorization (DTA).
Fresh SGS Report.
Injection Report Shore Tank
Authorization to Sell and Collect (ATSC)
(ATV) Authorization to Verify.
Certificate of Incorporation
Product Quality Passport
Statement of Product Availability
Certificate of Origin of the Product
Commitment and Assurance Letter to Supply
NOR (Notification of Readiness)
Tank Storage Receipt (TSR)
5. Buyer upon verification of the product and PPOP confirmation, order SGS to conduct the Dip Test on buyer expense
6. Seller commences Injection immediately into buyer tank and “issues buyer title of ownership certificate to be followed by all export documentations.
7. Buyer makes payment by MT103 or TT Wire transfer for the total product and lifts the product and seller pays all intermediary involve in the transaction.