Seller's Message: We have 27 mines in Africa and 4 mines in Canada. This 18,000 KG per month is from our Canadian mines. We offer a 2% optional performance bond and a 25% discount. We had four of these for sale and one is sold. We are a direct source and can accommodate delivery to most countries. Feel free to inquire regarding any questions you may have.

18,000 kg per Month

Gross Discount 25%
Commissions: 3%

Commodity: Au/Gold Dore Production Gold (non-Hallmarked)
Purity: Delivered at 23+ Carats; 97% Purity (as per Certificate of Analysis at Origin)
Contract Amount: 216,000 kg Delivery per Month: 18,000 kg (buyer may increase these quantities)
Form: The GOLD (BARS) FORM shall stand on One KG each Bar
Country of Origin: North America minus Ghana and free from all terrorist countries.
Price: Price shall stand at LBMA Less 25% Net 22% to Buyer 3% Commission to Brokers based on final Assay 24 Carats - 99.99% Purity at Buyer Refinery.
Payment: Payment will be made via T/T, or MT103 Swift Bank to Bank wire transfer based on the final Assay Report at Buyer's Refinery
Packaging: International Standard Metallic Export Package Boxes.
Performance Bond: 2%PB Performance Bond will be transfer to Buyer Account Upon Bank to Bank confirmation of Buyers SBLC SWIFT MT760 100% Ok.
Commission: Total 3% Commission, shall be split equally between, the Facilitators / mandate of Seller's side @ 1.5% and Buyer's side @ 1.5% while the Gold is still with Buyer's Refinery. Seller shall pay all the Commissions. All parties shall receive their payment before ownership is transferred to Buyer.
Shipment and Delivery: The Delivery commences after Bank to Bank confirmation of Buyer's Swift SBLC SWIFTMT760. The ETI. Limited shall handle the Air Freight including all costs until the products arrive at Buyer's destination Airport, Buyer shall organize and bear all costs and payments of Customs Clearance, other levies, if any, at the Destination including Security of Local Transport through Brink's or G4S or Buyer's Secured Security Van, till it reaches safely at the Buyer's Gold Refinery.
SKR: Upon Bank to Bank confirmation of Buyers SBLC SWIFT MT760 100% Ok, All products will be deposited to a Security House 2 Days before Export of the Gold in order to have a Safekeeping Receipt attached to all Export Documents.

We  are Ready, Willing and Able to enter into a Sells and Purchase Agreement (SPA) and Authorization Letter which enables us to represent you the Buyer and provide Gold from all American with rolls and extensions, according to the following specifications, terms and conditions here under stated.

I, Declared that, the Gold is from Non-Criminal Origin and Free from any liens and encumbrances and I further declared that, the Gold is not from a conflict Zone.

Standard Operating Procedures Terms and Conditions

  1. Seller shall send Full Corporate Offer (FCO) to Buyer for review and amendments (if any). Having been discussed / amended as mutual agreed and satisfied, the Buyer is expected to fill the required details, sign, seal and send it back to Seller.
  2. Upon receipt of the Full Corporate Offer duly signed by the Buyer, Buyer's Bank shall issue a Bank RWA Letter to XXXXXXXXXX which confirmed that Buyer's Bank are ready, upon confirmation of this letter, XXXXXXXXXX shall send a Draft SPA to Buyer for his review and amendments (if any). Having been discussed / amended as mutually agreed and satisfied, the Buyer is expected to fill the required details sign, seal and send the SPA back with his Company Registration Certificates along with Passport Copy and full CIS to XXXXXXXXXX.
  3. Upon receipt of SPA fully signed and sealed from the Buyer, the XXXXXXXXXX INC shall release his Company Certificates including his Passport Copy and full CIS to Buyer, XXXXXXXXXX shall proceed to the Country where Gold are Located in order to provide POP proof of Product Video.
  4. To enable XXXXXXXXXX INC Supply the 216.000 Kilograms under One Year at the Discount Price of 25% with Parity at 999.9% 24 Carats, Buyer and XXXXXXXXXX Agreed that, Buyer shall issue Bank Guarantee known as Pre-Advice MT799/ MT760 SBLC with value of not less than USD$ 64.800.000.000,00- United State Dollars Only, with Duration of 6 months with monthly revolving Plus One Month Only to XXXXXXXXXX Nominated Bank in order to accomplish the Supply of 216.000 Kilograms under One Year at
    the Discount Price of 25% at 999.9% Parity/ 24Carats. The SBLC, shall return to Buyer after One Year Plus One Month Only without any default.
  5. Upon confirmation of Buyer's Bank Pre-Advice, XXXXXXXXXX Nominated Bank shall respond Via Swift MT799, which confirms that the XXXXXXXXXX Nominated Bank is Ready, Willing and Able (RWA) to receive Buyer's Bank SBLC SWIFT MT760, the Swift Copy shall be sent to Buyer and thereupon Buyer's Bank releases the SBLC SWIFT MT760 with Duration of One Year Plus One Month Only and Copy to XXXXXXXXXX
  6. Upon confirmation of Buyer SBLC SWIFT MT760, XXXXXXXXXX INC Bank shall transfer 2% PB Performance Bond via Swift MT103 to Buyer Bank, Upon Buyer Confirmation, under 7 to 15 Working Days, XXXXXXXXXX shall lift the first 18.000 Kilograms of Gold to a Security House for Safekeeping while preparing all Taxes as required in the Country of Origin / Dispatch, including all Export Documents XXXXXXXXXX of the Gold before Airlifting the Gold to Buyer's Country. After processing all Export Documents, shall notify the Buyer Time and Date of Arrival of the Gold with all Export Documents including (SKR Copies) under 15 Working Days.
  7. Upon Buyer's confirmation, XXXXXXXXXX shall fly together with First Delivery 18.000 Kilos of Gold to Buyer's designated Airport where Buyer / his representative shall wait at the Airport to receive the Gold. Buyer shall clear Customs and handle all applicable Import Taxes and other formalities of the destination Country. Buyer shall also at his cost organize the logistics, security to deliver the Gold to his Refinery.
  8. Upon Arrival at Buyer's Refinery, Buyer's Refinery shall Smelt and process the final Assay. Upon final Assay at Buyer's Refinery, the Refinery shall release the Copies of final Assay Report to both Parties which the final Assay shall stand at 24 Carats - 999.9% Purity before any Payment.
  9. Upon certification XXXXXXXXXX of Assay Report, INC shall release the final Invoice to Buyer, within 24 Hours thereafter, Buyer shall Release payment by MT103 Wire Transfer to XXXXXXXXXX and shall Pay commissions to all Facilitators & Intermediaries.
  10. After successful completion of 216.000 Kilos under One Year, The SBLC shall return Back to Buyer without any Hindrance in whatsoever. Buyer may choose to continue to 5 Years.


Each shipment and delivery shall be identified with all appropriate FCA reference codes and Seller shall provide the following documents to Buyer prior to arrival of goods or when delegates arrive at the port of destination. Said documents shall be issued in the English Language. These documents shall accompany each delivery and these copies shall be sent to the Buyer 2 days before the parcel leaves the Country of Origin:

  1. Four (4) copies of commercial invoice
  2. Packing List (in numbered packages of 100 Kg / Box or minimum 50 Kg / Box)
  3. Certificate of Assay showing purity of the Gold
  4. Certificate of Ownership / Tax Clearance Certificate
  5. Certificate of Origin
  6. Copy of SPA and Evidence of Customs Duty Payment in the Country of origin
  7. Origin of the Goods Certification
  8. Export
  9. Airway
  10. Declaration by the Seller/Supplier stating that the Gold is from non-criminal origin and Free from any liens, taxes and encumbrances and a declaration that the gold is not from a Conflict zone (these documents will be annexed (Both Parties Representatives shall be in constant contact with each other till the delivery and also before lifting the goods to final destination to make sure that that the delivery takes please without any hindrance)

Delivery Quantity Month
1 18,000 KG 1st Month
2 18,000 KG 2nd Month
3 18,000 KG 3rd Month
4 18,000 KG 4th Month
5 18,000 KG 5th Month
6 18,000 KG 6th Month
7 18,000 KG 7th Month
8 18,000 KG 8th Month
9 18,000 KG 9th Month
10 18,000 KG lOthMonth
11 18,000 KG 11th Month
12 18,000 KG 12th Month
Total quantity 216,000 KG Role & Ext